It costs you nothing to participate in the program

Let Us Assist You - Buying a home is a major investment no matter which way you look at it. But for many homebuyers, it's an even more expensive process than it needs to be because many fall prey to at least a few of many common and costly mistakes which trap them into either paying too much for the home they want, or losing their dream home to another buyer or, worse, buying the wrong home for their needs. Our agents will assist you in maximizing your investment and as an added bonus will rebate you 1% of the commission we collect.

VIP Realty Client Side Example:

  • $100,000 = $1,000
  • $300,000 = $3,000
  • $600,000 = $6,000
  • $900,000 = $9,000

Found Your Dream Home – Great! VIP Realty will help you negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf and ensure you’re securing the best possible financing. Because you are actively involved in the house search, you save us time and money and we can pass the savings to you. VIP Realty will rebate, at closing 1.5% of the commission we collect.

VIP Rebate Example: $500,000 x 1.5% = $7,500 paid to you