The 5 Best Live Music Venues in Houston


So music is in your blood, eh? So you need to know where to find great music in the city, eh? Good thing there are so many great venues to choose from in Houston. Try these venues on for size next time you need a night out with a soundtrack.

Anderson Fair

Like your music authentic and not so loud and booming that it breaks your ears? Try Anderson Fair, where a simple platform and an astonishingly broad parade of eclectic, singer-songwriter acts travel through on a pretty frequent basis. Don’t go in expecting a huge menu or anything. Even the food is simple here. Just enough to keep you from going hungry or thirsty while you take in some great music.



The Big Easy

With a name like this, you know this place is as cool as New Orleans. And in a town nicknamed Bayou City, you know it’s a great venue for blues and zydeco. And if you didn’t know it before, now you do. Try to find a bad act playing here and try to not get swept up in the lively fun of this crowd-pleaser. We dare you.




Big Top Lounge 

The funky, eclectic vibe of Big Top and the fact that there is never a cover (seriously, they emphasize that) draws many a chill crowd not interested in hype and trend. But everyone who comes here seems to be big on good tunes and relaxed live bands. You never know quite what you’re going to hear, but odds are you’ll remember it.


Dan Electro’sDan Electro's

If you actually do want hip, Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar is the best bet for a great dive bar in the Heights. Dark and divey, there’s a certain vintage edge to the music played here; music reminiscent of the underground New York or London scenes of the late 1970s, when punk and new wave, disco and metal met at a crossroads.



No mention of Houston’s live music scene is complete without a nod to Fitzgerald’s. This place has for three decades been a train stop for artists on the verge of making it and a pilgrimage site for passionate, touring acts looking for an authentic place to play live. With two stages, up-and-comer shows on weekends, and open-mic Wednesdays, there are few places in Houston better to catch an act you’ll soon say “I saw them when …” about.

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