5 of the Best Pizza Shops in Houston


Don’t think of Houston when you think of great pizza? You should. The Bayou City has an abundance of great pizza shops that offer everything from East Coast authenticity to Texas panache. Fold up a few slices from these places and you’ll see what we mean.


Chain restaurants seldom get the notice they deserve when they’re good. But Grimaldi’s corners the market on what real New York pizza tastes like. Not what New York-style pizza tastes like, what actual New York pizza tastes like. The company filters local water so that its chemical composition matches that of the water in New York (which actually is considered the among cleanest and best-tasting in the country), so that the crust comes out exactly right. If you’re from the East Coast, taste this little slice of home, it doesn’t get any more authentic (or delicious) than this.  If you’re in the Woodlands, then don’t pass this location by.



Dolce VitaDolce Vita

The sweet life indeed. As authentic as Florentine pizza gets in Texas (and yes, we mean Florence, Italy), Dolce Vita comes closest to being an actual symphony of tastes ‒‒ sweet and tangy; hearty but mellow; crispy and puffy and chewy. It may be as close to the perfect Italian pizza as you’re ever going to get in Houston.






Forget the lackluster name, this pizza shop offers a grand tour of Italian pizza flavors, from Naples to Tuscany. Provisions cooks its pies over burning wood and serves up an array of gourmet concoctions on a signature-tasting crust that has just the hint of a sourdough pretzel. If you’re a fan of sausage on a pizza, by the way, know that this place makes its pork products in-house.






Coppa has become a local legend for its thin crust and off-beat varieties (like ham&egg pizza), and the reviews are always on the highest end. This is gourmet pizza at its most experimental. Toppings include game meats, such as quail, and as its name implies, the cured pork coppa features on most pies. But if you’re afraid to experiment, there’s still a mighty tasty Margherita pie waiting for you.





Do you just want a pizza without the hype or the experimentation? Antonio’s Flying Pizza is your place. Founded in 1971 by a New Jersey transplant, Antonio’s serves up traditional pizza like an old-school Jersey shop. In other words, incredibly delicious, totally unpretentious, and highly addictive.

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